6,000mg Night-Time Organic Full Spectrum Tincture. (6,000mg per 1oz)

6,000mg Night-Time Full Spectrum Tincture. (6,000mg per 1oz)

Our Fast Acting, Organic Full Spectrum Nighttime Tincture Blend is perfect for pain management and promotes sleep.Our Nighttime blend a combination of 48% CBD, 25% CBG, 20% CBN, 5% CBC, plus a bunch of minor cannabinoids. This Full Spectrum is one of the best in the industry. We pride our self on our blends, helps with promoting sleep and anything to do with your nervous system, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Parkinson, and all types of arthritis. This product helps support your overall health mental and physical by giving your body a boost of Full Spectrum CBD in this pure, naturally sourced, 3rd party lab-tested, easy to absorb, and fast-acting tincture. Take 30 mins before bed.
Results may vary adjust dose if necessary.

MCT Oil (coconut oil), CBD, CBN, CBC, and other minor cannabinoids

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8 reviews for 6,000mg Night-Time Organic Full Spectrum Tincture. (6,000mg per 1oz)

  1. NHR

    Thank you for the review Doris. It was very nice meeting both of you at the RV show in Dener Colorado. Look forward in see you again next time we are in Colorado. Stay safe out there.

  2. NHR

    Thank you very muc for your review. I am glad you are sleeping through the night. Dill pickels that is a first 🙂

  3. NHR

    Thank you for the review Patt. Glad our product works well for you.

  4. NHR

    Thank you for your review. I am glad our product is working for you. Please check your email.

  5. Tim Gribben

    Was in Quartzite, Az. A few weeks ago and one of my objectives was to find a CBD supplier for back pain, pain in my knee and overall health. After testing 5 different products I returned to NHR TO GET MORE INFO ON THEIR PRODUCT.
    I purchased the nighttime CBD w/dropper and the daytime for better health. My diligence paid off. I had my left knee replaced in 2018, and in August of 2019 I had spinal surgery fusing L5 down to L1 plus tail bone. Surgery was successful although I have some lingering pain. This also triggered my left knee to become very painful at night while laying down. Once I was back home I tried the daytime dropper and topical CBD cream. From that first night I had no knee pain and with the nighttime CBD sleeping uninterrupted. This product will be beside my bed for a very long time. It’s amazing ????????????

  6. Patt Brust

    I have personally slept so much better with this product. My husband rubs it into my lower back each night at bedtime. Thank goodness for this pain reliever/

  7. Debby Anderson

    This is the best CBD I have ever tried. I take it mostly for sleep. At 100mg I’m sleeping through the night at least 8 hours. And there’s no weird taste. Although the cream smells pleasantly of dill pickles!
    Thank you for offering such a great product Your NHR

  8. Doris Butler

    My husband started out using the daytime CBD mainly for Blood Pressure. He’s been on it for about 6 weeks and we are seeing a drop in his numbers. Then we ordered the night time CBD product and both of us have been taking it for about a week. We have been sleeping straight through the night for about 7 hours which is unusual for both of us. It’s made a believer out of us. I think getting a good night’s sleep will also help lower BP, too.. Great product.

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