Our products help with Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Sciatica, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Cancer, PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia and Muscle Cramping. Please schedule a free consultation for an evaluation for your needs.

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Unsure on what products best suit your needs?

Book a free, 20-minute consultation today with one of our CBD specialists who will recommend the best products for you!

    Natural Health Remedies

    Our Commitment To You

    Our product is above and beyond any others.

    We custom blend, all our products hove 20%+ CBG on top of the full spectrum CBD CBG is a cannabinoid that helps with nerve pain, Sciatica, Neuropathy, Fiber Neuralgia, Parkinson’s Arthritis, anything to do with the nervous system. We also blend a nighttime medicine blended with CBN, CBN is a cannabinoid that interacts with the low levels of THC and promotes sleep.

    All our nighttime has 20% CBN, 20% CBG on top of the CBD full Spectrum.


    Benefits of Our Unique CBG Blend

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      Organic Farming

      Our full-spectrum CBD oils are farmed using 100% organic


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      Organic Extraction

      Once harvested, our organic hemp begins its 2-step process to purity with organic ethanol extraction.

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      Short Path Distillation

      After extraction, our oils go through an additional 18-hour short path distillation process.

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      Pure Ingredients

      Organic hemp, extraction materials, and supplemental ingredients mean pure, positive results

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      Family First

      We produce products we would be happy to give our families. Because we do.

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      Promote Health

      Our products are designed to help you begin or continue your journey toward Positive Health.


    What People Say

    The topical cream is wonderful! I had a spill on vacation and by the end of the evening my ankle was starting to swell. I put an ice pack on it but it hurts so bad the next morning I could barely walk and.. Why not try your cream you just bought and within 10 minutes I was able to walk! I also let a friend borrow some who had a spill a couple of days before she was so surprised at how well her foot felt and there was no bruising on either one of us!

    Kerry R


    Works great for relieving joint pain and muscle soreness. After a few days of use the joint pain and inflammation in my hands and wrist from has diminished significantly. Also, has helped me with muscle soreness in my lower back. Easy to apply and fragrance free.

    Aleea P


    The products from NHR are made of the highest quality ingredients. The ease of ordering and the delivery are also a quality process. I love the 1500 mg tincture that helps with my arthritis and neuropathy. The cream is spectacular as well. NHR’s prices are definitely unmatched and make using CBD’s affordable. I’m not a paid reviewer, just a very satisfied customer who stumbled upon this company purely by accident and am damn glad I did!!! Thanks Robert.

    Stephen B


    Hi Robert, I received all the product and the candy. Thank You! I love it. I've been meaning to ask you a question. If you have tried other CBD oil as I have, it seems that most have a pretty strong taste (similar to old bong water!), whereas yours is fairly tasteless except for the oil. I'm curious as to the difference. Why is yours palatable and the others are nasty tasting?

    Robbie M


    Just letting you know I received the order today and was so happy to get it. I took some of the drops right away and within an hour or so noticed a difference in my pain level but especially my anxiety. Thank you so much for with me. I will definitely be ordering more when I can save. For now I have enough for a couple month. Thanks again!

    Diane N


    Their products work. I was in so much pain from RA I could type or write, being a college student that's impossible. I started using the CBD products and I was able to function again. I ran out and forgot to reorder. After a few days or so the pain came back just like before I started using it. I quickly went online and ordered more. I have tried other CBD products that have not worked as well especially for the price.

    Charity M


    I’ve slept so much better with this product. My husband rubs it into my lower back each night at bedtime. Thank goodness for this pain reliever!

    Patt B


    I have never tired CDB before but spoke to Robert on Daytime full spectrum 3000mg and I am glad I did. He is very knowledgeable and I have and will purchase more. It is exactly what I needed, and is very tasteful Thanks Robert!

    Darla A


    I have been taking CBD oil for almost two years now. I have tried several other companies and found that the 3000mg CBD from Natural Health Remedies is by far the best I have tried, it is clean, tastes good and really helps my overall body soreness as well as super calming. I would highly recommend.

    Rick Y


    Unsure on what products best suit your needs?

    Book a free, 20-minute consultation today with one of our CBD specialists who will recommend the best products for you!


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