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We know what it takes to be a top athlete in your sport. The grind, the struggle, the sacrifice, the toll it takes on your body, the mental and physical impact. No athlete is ever 100% and we know that to perform at your best you need to recover fully. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you recover properly. We blend specifically with the athlete in mind to help with pain, soreness, inflammation, digestion, stress, and sleep. Making sure you are rested, fully recovered and ready to perform at your full potential so you can be #1 in your sport! 

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We create and manufacture all of our product right here in The USA providing the most cost-effective product to the consumer. 


Our hemp blend of oils are derived from the purest cannabinoid distilate possible using all-organic compounds.   


All of our products are third party tested. We use high-end ingredients mixed with cannabinoid distillate

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What Our Customers Say

I received all the products and the candy. Thank you! I love it. If you have tried other CBD oil as I have, it seems most have a pretty strong taste, whereas yours is fairly tasteless!
I took some of the drops right away and within an hour or so noticed a difference in my pain level but especially my anxiety. Thank you so much for working with me. I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks again!